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Go Global With These 5 Premium Responsive Themes From Magento

Magento open sourceMagento is increasingly evolving into the preferred e-commerce platform for most online merchants around the world. An open source platform based on the use of MySQL and PHP, it was developed by Varien. At present Magento ranks as one of the most flexible and powerful platforms for e-commerce site development that is available out there in the market.

Search on any of the available theme markets and you are likely to come across thousands of different Magento themes. While free stores are an option to set the wheels rolling on your online store you will quickly come across the realization that they have their share of limitations- a few too many at that! What’s worse is that these free themes do not have any supporting documentation to go alongside.

For most of the premium theme designers, building themes is their primary source of livelihood. As a result, they strive to go that extra mile and help in building products with a professional look. They are also active on the support system, periodically releasing free upgrades and updates for their themes.

If you want to jump straight into the mix of online business with the use of premium themes, here are some of the best premium Magento themes that you can use to get your e-commerce store off the ground.

1. MA Argona

MA ARGONAA multi-purpose theme from Magento, MA Argona is well suited if your online store has been designed using the Magento Community Edition. Sell luxury goods, furnitures, bikes, and watches from your online store with the use of this theme. Moreover, if you want your e-commerce site to have a nice and clean design, this template will suit you just fine. The theme homepage contains brand sliders and an image slideshow. The footer comes with extra amounts of space where you can show more information about your store website links or address.

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2. Bookstore Magento Theme

Books StoreWould you like your customers to get the feeling of visiting a modern or old bookshop? Do you want them to enjoy the smell of old and new books once again while scouting through a veritable treasure trove? If so, then this premium Magento theme will suit you just fine. A great design styled in the old fashion but integrated with modern features, it pays attention to the smallest of details. As a result this theme is one of the most favoured options for all e-commerce store owners.

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3. Bag Shop Premium

Bag ShopThe Bag Shop Magento theme template is built specifically for setting up an online store that deals in clothes, shoes, and bags. With a number of available options for customization and free extensions this theme is designed based on the HTML and CSS3 codes, and is fully responsive. This premium template from Magento comes with three different skin colors, has great Layer Slideshow Modules along with Animation jQuery effects, Google Fonts, and Power Megamenu Modules.

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4. Monster Responsive Magento Theme

MonsterAn easy-to-use but powerful theme made available by Magento, it is the perfect option for your online store if you are selling a variety of items across a large number of genres. It features a large number of useful options, is responsive in nature, and comes with an unlimited option of color schemes.

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5. Indigo Retina and Responsive Magento Theme

IndigoA fully responsive theme from Magento, Indigo is well suited for use on any kind of store. It comes packed with a large number of features you can make best use of for an easy customization. More than just an e-commerce website theme, it is a package you can put to suitable use for the creation of customized subthemes as per your requirements.

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Which other premium responsive theme from Magento do you think would make a nice fit on this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below! For all other requirements, contact us by filling up the form alongside.

Presenting The Top 13 Online HTML And CSS Editors That Are Free To Use

css-htmlWe are aware that the industry of website design and development is nothing if you discount the HTML and CSS online editors. This is because these are the two development languages that have turned the industry around on its head.

Previously, it was a very difficult task to display data with good presentation. However, with the evolution of these two scripting languages, the results are evident as we come across more number of responsive and good looking websites.

If you wish to test your program code on online HTML and CSS-based editing platforms, here is a look at the 13 best editors that are available free of cost. Read on to find out which one you would like to use for your benefit.

1. CSSDesk

CSSDeskIf you are looking for an online HTML and CSS editor that is simple, responsive, as well as flexible, then CSSDesk is the editor that you should work with. Here is a platform where you can easily do all sorts of experimentation with your HTML and CSS codes.


2. Mozilla Thimble

Mozilla ThimbleMozilla Corporation holds ownership right over the Mozilla Thimble editor. The use of this beautiful tool makes creation of your own web pages a very easy and simple process. You can easily write and edit HTML/CSS code in your browser which allows the results to be generated quickly.


3. Dabblet

DabbletThe Dabblet CSS editor is built by Lea Verou and saves to Github in the form of gists. It also provides a number of different editing options that can be used for editing the CSS code.


4. jsBin

jsBinWith jsBin you can undertake a collaborative debugging of your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes. If you create an account on this online editor platform, it will give you an opportunity to share your code without much hassle.,output


5. jsFiddle

JSFIDDLEThis online editor provides an awesome way for the web developers to share their code on the Internet. If you are looking to undertake a quick debug of your code data, jsFiddle comes in real handy. This online editor is also capable of supporting other frameworks.


6. Cloud9

Cloud9 IDECloud9 is a popular online HTML and CSS editor that supports a whole host of programming languages including the likes of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Java, Ruby, and PHP, apart from 23 other such coding scripts. With this online editor platform, you are able to work more efficiently and easily than you may have ever done before.


7. eXo Cloud IDE

eXo Cloud IDEWith the eXo Cloud IDE you can undertake social coding in the cloud complete with features of speed, power, and security. This online HTML and CSS editor gives you complete control over your environment.


8. CodeMirror

CodeMirrorThis online tool provides your browser with a code editor by making use of the popular JavaScript components. The CodeMirror editor is available in a number of languages or modes. This rick programming API and CSS comes in really very handy for editing code and making it suitable for your application.


9. CSS Portal

CSS PortalThe CSS Portal tool is a cross-platform IDE whose design is based solely for the purpose of serving the cloud. It allows you to simply share, debug, and create your web apps with the help of your default browser.


10. Compilr

CompilrCompilr has evolved into a responsive, cross-browser, cross-platform online HTML and CSS editor. It works perfectly on all mobile devices as well. This editor also supports various popular scripting languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, while more number of languages continue to get added to this tool.


11. Koding

kodingWith the help of the Koding editor, you can undertake editing of code of a number of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP, PER, Python, Django, Ruby-on-Rails, and FastCGI, among others.


12. Codeanywhere

codeanywhereThe Codeanywhere online editor is capable of working fast and does not involve any unwanted hassles. This means that there is no need for you to install anything. As a result, you can simply concentrate on working with this light-weight and fast editor tool.

13. Google Developers

google developersGoogle Developers ranks among the really cool products presented by Google that is proving to be really helpful for the web developers today. As the quote of the company says, “Inspiring developers everywhere” and they have remained true to it.

Which other HTML/CSS editor do you think would be a good fit in this list? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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10 Of The Best PHP Cross-Platform Editors

PHP Editors, or IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) as they are so popularly referred to as, are a crucial component when you are developing websites or applications for the web platforms. Here, I share a list of the top 10 PHP cross-platform editors and give a brief insight about each of them.

1. Aptana

AptanaAptana allows you to build web applications quickly and easily. It puts in its best effort as a powerful web development engine and utilizes the flexibility of the Eclipse plugin. Debug, preview, and edit are among its core capabilities apart from building web applications using popular languages such as Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.



2. Bluefish

bluefishA very powerful code editor, Bluefish is aimed towards easing the work of programmers and web developers. It offers flexible options for developing websites, programming scripts and code. Bluefish supports a whole array of popular programming languages such as XML, MediaWiki, SQL, Python, Perl, ASP .NET, C/C++, Ada, and PHP among others.


3. Eclipse

EclipseEclipse is one of the best multi-language editors useful for writing programming code. It supports the popular programming languages that include the likes of Scala, Erland, Ruby on Rails, Fortran, Ruby, Python, COBOL, and PHP.



4. Editra

EditraEditra is a simple editor that is useful for creating code in as many as 60 different programming languages apart from the very popular PHP. It has Bidirection Find/Replace options with support features that include the likes of tabbed windows, multilingual interface, file history, bracket highlighting, block indenting, auto-indent, and regular expressions.


5. Emacs

EmacsEmacs is a customizable and extensible code editor. Its initial versions were developed by Richard Stallman in the year 1976. It is also capable of printing and formatting documents such as in the word processor tools.



6. Geany

GeanyGeany is a code editor that has basic functionalities, and works as a small and fast Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It supports a large number of file types and programming languages.



7. jEdit

JeditThe jEdit PHP editor is written exclusively using Java. Thus it is capable of running on all platforms. It features an extensible plugin architecture, built-in macro language, and more than 150 different plugins for use in a number of different areas of application.


8. NetBeans

NetBeansNetBeans was written mainly for Java but later developed to allow code to be written in a number of programming languages including PHP, C++, and HTML5. The PHP programming bundle includes support for the Zend and Symfony frameworks, code coverage, code debugging, and PHP Unit Testing.


9. ActiveState Komodo

ActiveState KomodoIf you wish to work with a PHP editor that has a good interface, Komodo Edit represents your best choice. You will able to experience the very best in terms of coding with a number of web languages, including the likes of Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



10. SciTE

SciTESciTE, also referred to as the SCIntilla Bases Text Editor, was originally built by Neil Hodgson. It was intended to demonstrate the many functions of Scintilla, an open source component for code editing. The year 1999 witnessed the release of its first version. SciTE comes with a number of features such as fonts of different widths, file search, code folding, API files, copy formatting, replace in selection, and regular expression replacement with subgroups.


Which of these PHP cross-platform editors would you like to use for your website design and development projects? Let us know in the comments section below!