5 Tips To Follow For Choosing A Payment Gateway On Your OpenCart Store

5 Tips To Follow For Choosing A Payment Gateway On Your OpenCart Store

As a business owner, you have probably never found it easier to set up a website for use as an online store.

Truth be told, if you have a business that sells products today without the use of a website, you are missing out on a huge platform of national as well as international audience. Global e-commerce transactions are growing at an annual rate of 18% and this is expected to grow even further.

So what do you do in order to get started on accepting payments online with credit and debit cards? Here we take a look at some tips with which you will be able to choose the right payment gateway to use on your online store.

Understand the difference between a merchant acquiring account and a payment gateway

A “payment gateway” is ideally the engine that authorizes or declines debit and credit cards as well as provides alternative online payment options such as PayPal accounts. A “merchant account” which is a similar term, is the place where the funds are held before ending up as deposits in your bank account. The payment gateway does not do anything more than approving or declining a transaction. When taking into consideration your payment provider, choose a partner who provides a payment gateway as well as merchant acquiring account in the same domain.

Review the integration on your shopping cart site

Apart from choosing a payment gateway, your online store will also require a shopping cart. OpenCart is one of those shopping carts that enable website visitors to select various items for purchase. At the moment of checkout, the software typically calculates the total order amount which includes applicable taxes, handling as well as shipping charges. If there is a payment gateway partner you prefer working with, take some time out to ensure that it comes with a direct shopping cart integration so that there is no need for further coding.

Select a payment gateway partner along with a flexible fees structure

Before you commit to an e-commerce payment gateway provider, ensure that you are totally aware of the complete fees structure. With some, you get a fee per transaction while with others, there are a fixed number of monthly transactions for a flat fee. You need to be aware of these fee structures and ensure that they satisfy your business requirements, not only now but also in the future.

Do you get support in the most demanding of circumstances?

As has been mentioned previously, online shopping is a round-the-clock experience. You should opt for a support system that stays by your side when you need it. Do they have an option for telephone support? Is the level of support dependent on the fees you pay for the transactions? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself for drawing an appropriate level of customers to your online store.

Responsive mobile technology is on the rise

In the present digital world, customers shop on online platforms by means of a variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Ensure that you have a payment gateway partner who offers a solution with which your customers can get the best possible user experience. This will give them every reason to keep coming back in the future irrespective of the device they access the Internet from.

If you want an online store that comes integrated with all of these features, hire OpenCart developers from a reputed web design and development service provider such as PHPProgrammers. Go ahead and give us a try to make the most of our services!