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How To Choose The Right PHP Development Company For Your Next Web Project

PHP development company

With millions of PHP programmers and thousands of web development companies out there today, it can be really difficult to find the right PHP development company for your next web project. However, these tips can help you out in choosing the right one.


This is a digital era where it has become essential for every business to have an online presence. And having a website is the smartest way to showcase your business on the web and to reach out to a global audience. Though most of the businesses have already gone online through their websites, there are still many who are striving to find the right platform, programming language, and the right company to get their websites built. However, it is always better to go with an affordable yet powerful, secure, scalable, and feature-rich option like PHP for building websites and there are several reasons for choosing it. 


PHP is the most widely-used and favoured server-side scripting language. And you will be surprised to know that nearly 78.9 percent of the websites you can find on the internet are built with. And with every new version of this language, it comes up with something new and more advanced to help every PHP Programmer build websites that are more powerful, intuitive, feature-rich, high-performing, secure, and ROI-driven. 



Apart from these, there are so many more reasons to go with PHP web development for your next project. 

PHP development company


  • PHP is an open-source programming language and is the most cost-effective web development solution. 
  • It is easy to learn and understand. The syntax is pretty simple. 
  • PHP is easy to integrate. 
  • Support almost all the servers like Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, and even personal web servers. 
  • Compatible with all browsers. 
  • It speeds up the development time. Hence, you can launch your project on time. 
  • Faster to code and easy to edit. The coding structure is very clean and well-organised in PHP. 
  • There are many well-designed PHP-based frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Yii, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and more. 
  • PHP is highly secure. 
  • PHP has got large community support. Hence, you can get a flawless website for your business as developers are always able to resolve the errors with the support of the developers of this community.


And because of these reasons, most of the popular websites you may know and may browse often are created with this power-packed scripting language including:



  • Yahoo

1. Yahoo


  • Wikipedia





  • MailChimp, and many more. 



Now, if you want to get such a well-designed and powerful website for your business too, the first thing you need to do is look for the best company to get it done as per your requirements. But the question is how to find and choose the right PHP development company out of so many around? And here’s the answer to your question. 


Your Guide To Choosing The Right Company For Your PHP Project. 

The first thing you must do in this case is to make a list of the top-ranked PHP development companies. You can search for this on the internet. And then get started with the steps below. 


Have A Look At The Company Portfolio:

The company portfolio will tell you everything about the company including their quality of work, the abilities to complete a project, what type of projects they have completed before, are the previous projects relevant to your business type or not, the expertise in PHP skills, etc. This makes it important to check the portfolio. 


Visit The Company Website:

The company must have a well-designed website with an expert team of PHP Programmers, who will know how to play with the PHP codes to meet your project requirements. Look for the skills and abilities on the website. The website must have one or more pages with their skills and services highlighted. What you can do is, visit the websites and explore the same in all and then choose the best one after comparing them. 


Make Sure To Go Through The testimonials:

While exploring the websites of the companies, make sure to put your eyes on the testimonials to see what their previous clients have said about their work. Testimonials reflect the level of client satisfaction. If you get to see positive feedback in the testimonials, you are good to go with the company. A better idea will be to contact one or more of those clients to get a detailed idea about the company. Take your time and read each one of the testimonials carefully. 


Check The Total Work Experience Of The Company:

This step will tell you whether the company is experienced enough to build your project as per your requirements and expectation and can deliver it to you before the deadline or not. If the company has several years of experience in this field and has delivered many quality PHP projects till now, you can rely on the company. Remember, the more the experience of the company, the wider will be their skills and abilities, the more they will be reliable, and the more you will be satisfied with their work. So, keep this point in mind. 


Ask About The Methodologies They Follow:

Every company follows a different style of working. So, ask them about their work approach, and methodologies. The work methodologies are actually the work processes they follow for building PHP websites. Also, ask them about the PHP frameworks they use, the time management strategy they adopt, the milestones of the projects, and the other related aspects. Make sure they work on the latest PHP technologies and use the advanced version of the language for website development. This will ensure a competitive result. 


Are Their Charges Fitting Your Budget? Just Request A Quote:

Once you are done with the above steps, ask about the PHP development charges including all hidden costs. After all, you must be having an estimated budget in your mind. And the charges of the company must fit that without letting you compromise on the work quality. While making any decision, just make sure to ask them about the payment modes and other options like hourly payments, or monthly, etc. 


Check The Customer Support Services And The Communication Mode:

Having prompt customer service support and easy communication modes is important. The company must give regular updates on the work status and the clients must be able to reach out to the developers or the company in case of any requirements. They must be available over the phone, via mail, or via Skype. 


So, these were the steps that you need to consider to find and hire the right PHP development company for your web project. Gather as much information as possible before hiring the company to make sure you are investing in the right place and you will get a great website built at the end. 


However, we at PHP Programmers, an award-winning PHP development company, are committed to the clients and work dedicatedly to deliver PHP websites with stunning designs, powerful features, high performance, and hundred percent security, meeting all their project requirements with excellence. We have: – 

  • Talented designers and the best PHP Programmers.
  • Our experts are always reachable.
  • We ensure to deliver the best quality projects.
  • We use the latest version of PHP and work on advanced technologies.
  • And, we provide the most cost-effective PHP development solutions, with no hidden charges. 


With a leading company, having all the qualities summarised above, you can be sure of giving your traditional business a great presence on the web, with a much wider and global customer base. 

WooCommerce 3.6 Unleashed To Give More Power To Online Sellers

woocommerce 3.6

After lots of tiring attempts, finally, the reigning eCommerce platform WooCommerce announced the release of its next upgrade version 3.6.

Since the minor release of WooCommerce 3.5 last year, many things have been happening behind the scenes with the WooCommerce team striving to bring major improvements in the next version.

With all excited with the arrival of WooCommerce 3.6, we at PHPProgrammers, an enthusiastic eCommerce team providing WooCommerce development in Australia thought here to bring everything about it into the limelight.

But, before you head fast, the three key aspects around which WooCommerce 3.6 revolves are:

  • Performance enhancements
  • New Product Blocks
  • A new Admin Dashboard

What’s to expect in WooCommerce Development with 3.6 version?

A great deal of hard work has been provided by the WooCommerce experts’ community in making this progressive eCommerce platform better and more performance-driven with version 3.6. Works have been done to make it ideal for customer-based functionalities as well as administrative pages.

Performance enhancements with the Product Data Lookup Table

An entirely new addition to WooCommerce, this feature marks the foundation of performance improvements in the platform.  

The Product Data Lookup Table will key in all the essential details or data of the products and keep them stocked up safely at the one single source. This makes the data completely efficient for answering any queries at any time.

How does the Lookup table help?

The Lookup table

-caches crucial pieces of data like SKU unit, stock status, sales, product’s rating and so forth.

-removes the need for maintaining expensive database separately

-results in speed improvement in Admin actions like searching for product variations, bulk product management and so on.

-improves page ranking and customer satisfaction

Actual Results over the front-end changes brought by WooCommerce 3.6

woocommerce 3.6

Product Blocks: The Newest Feature Granted In WooCommerce 3.6

Built based on the power of block-based editor, provided in WordPress 5.0, the feature of Product Blocks in WooCommerce 3.6 will make the creation of feature-rich pages much easier on the website.

While featuring products now on products or pages is no more a rocket-science for retailers, there is now a total of 8 blocks making that possible.

woocommerce blocks

  1. Featured products– to put one high-profile product with a specialised format
  2. Best-selling- to display best-selling items in a grid
  3. Top-rated products- to display the top-rated items by customers
  4. Hand-picked products-  to help retailers display their best-picked products
  5. Products by category- to display products by any category of choice
  6. Newest products– to put the newest in the lot in a grid
  7. Products with attributes- to display the products that are marked for their special attributes
  8. On Sale products– to put in a separate grid the products that are on sale

Not only the retailers get these new blocks for displaying products, but they can also customise the way products will look for a particular block, mentioning the columns and rows they wanted.


Lastly, the new Product Blocks interface will also let the retailers have previews of how a block will appear after fine-tuning the layout, overlay colours, background opacity, content presentation and so forth.


Advanced Admin Dashboard

And finally, with WooCommerce 3.6, users i.e the retailers get a rich feature plugin for hassle-free administration of their store. Yes. it’s an extremely advanced dashboard with fresh looks and updated analytics capabilities.

Needless to say, retailers can resort to excellent reporting and analytics to take major sales and marketing decisions with the new admin feature.  It grants

14 data points that will help store owners view charted data

12 new reporting variations like product reports, stock report, orders report, revenue reports and so on for better business performance analysis

4 advanced filters (namely numeric filter, country filter, email filter and customer filter)to perforate reporting

4 activity management tools (namely fulfil orders, manage stock, manage inventory and store manage notifications)  for persistent management of the store.

So, the customised Dashboard and new Activity Panel will make the tasks of store management as easy as possible for merchants.


Are you a WooCommerce store owner? Get ahead with 3.6!

With all the elite and new things offered by WooCommerce 3.6 to the eCommerce retailers, we recommend you to get your store upgraded.

But, before you go. Make sure get a hand-picked team of expert WooCommerce developers, who can ensure you with great backup support before proceeding for the update installation.

And if you haven’t got any eCommerce store but thinking to have one, not to worry! PHPProgrammers in-house a trained team for WooCommerce development in Sydney who can get the best website crafted with the latest version of the platform in no time.

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Progressive Web Apps: Taking Web Development To A New Level


Web development is always about taking a leap into something better!

And, here Progressive Web Apps or rather PWA is one such leap for you.

But, what actually PWAs are?

Progressive web applications or PWAs are websites that perform as apps. With a blend of all the advantages of a native mobile app and a website, a PWA will look like a web application but give the experience of a native app. It means speedy performance, offline availability, cross-platform support, push notifications and so forth.

While businesses operating through websites are to gain a lot with this actually progressive technology, we at PHPProgrammers have summed up here everything about the PWAs just for you!


What is PWA?

Progressive web apps (PWA) is a new concept that bridges the gap between websites and mobile apps. They promise offline capabilities as well as improved speed and performance.

PWAs are fast expanding ever since the idea was resurrected by Google in 2015. Why is so? While the answer lies in the enhanced user experience that a PWA offers, there are other solid reasons too.

While the technology giant, Apple decided last year on March to support the technology that will help in the development of PWA on its own, Gartner announced that 50% of all native apps will switch to being PWAs by 2020.   

Oh, well, that’s a huge change expected!

So, what makes PWA so unique?

Designed to perform and look just like a mobile app, a PWA let the users have the functionalities of a website with dynamic database access. So, like a website, it can be accessed with a URL and is indexable by the search engines, letting your site to be discovered in the web, unlike an app.

Clearly, PWA are web solutions that feel like a mobile app, worthy of being on the mobile’s home screen but functions as a website!

Video Source: Google Chrome Developers

If you ask more about PWA, take a look at its benefits.

Assured Benefits of Progressive Web Apps


1. Enhanced performance

PWAs work much faster than any website or mobile app because of the way the technology caches and delivers every content, from the text, images to stylesheets on the site. The Service Workers, an underlying script that runs in the backend is responsible for that. It works uniquely from the site by only seeking the raw data and not the page design or layout elements. This deliberately results in increased speed causing more user interactions and hence conversions.

2. Faster device installations

Browsers automatically request the visitors to install the PWA by initiating a Call-to-action, and unlike mobile apps, they have shorter download times. Also, the downloads are not routed through any app stores like Google Play Store or the App Store.

Thus, a PWA can quickly get into a user’s device without even going through the lengthy and discretionary process of app store submissions.

3. Works offline

PWAs hold the brilliant capability to work offline with any network or WiFi connectivity. While the Service Workers is used up every time to cache new content, any changes are immediately directed to the local server. Thus, users can keep browsing it without fearing any loss of the data they have earlier fed.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications are a key selling point for mobile apps as that keeps the users engaged and urge them to interact with the app from time to time. PWA comes with the feature of push notifications or engaging alerts too. The businesses operating a progressive web app can now get an entirely new way of marketing, pushing advertisements for new services, new products directly to the customers’ mobile devices.

5. Smaller storage consumption

Progressive Web Apps use up only a fraction of data compared to any native application. Thus, it is obvious that they would require very less space for storage in mobile devices. And, users can’t be any more happy with this fact that their app is not eating up considerable space in their device.


Image Source:

Here are other sound benefits that you as a business can get by developing your website as a PWA.

  • Development time and costs are much less
  • Bypass the costly process of app store submissions
  • Enhances the user experience with great loading speed
  • Increases the organic search traffic
  • Raises the users’ time on the site
  • Increased engagement with push notifications
  • Rise in the profits due to more conversions

Great examples of Progressive Web Apps that are driving branding and business parallelly







Washington Post





With all of these giant names witnessing a sharp rise in their conversions rate, it’s evident that PWAs are going to be a boon for business owners.

E-commerce and PWA

The fact that your website is universally accessible everywhere and to everyone will make your business more prominent globally. A progressive web app makes that possible.

The goal of every business that operates through a standalone website is to reach out to as many customers as possible. PWA is perfect for such businesses and for eCommerce it’s a sheer win-win situation. eCommerce brands can get all the trailblazing benefits of a progressive web app like enhanced speed, offline browsing experience, push notifications, multiple devices support, etc., all that will help them raise profits!

As per the success story of Alibaba whose PWA has caused 76% rise in conversions, “Creating a mobile-first and user-centric site that incorporates the best features of a native application will help businesses in maintaining a competitive edge by paving their path to conversions.”

Besides, Magento too announced the release of PWA Studio to help retailers solve their long-term dilemma of mobile conversions. According to the Magento experts, PWAs overcome multiple online retail challenges with facilities of fast browsing, Instant app gratification, push notifications and re-engagement.


Video Source: Magento

 So, wondering if your eCommerce website needs to be built into a PWA?

Offering some of the best possible benefits, PWA is a breakthrough advancement in the web development world now. With unmatched capabilities to dominate the web by target users of mobiles, desktops and laptops, PWA is the next big thing for your eCommerce.

So, do not wait anymore!

Get partnered with an evolving and expertise PHP web development firm like us who could enable your prevailing website or any conceived business idea into a stunning Progressive Web App.

Rounding off

With all things summing, we know the question that is running into your head. Is PWA ready for your business? The answer is not as straightforward as you have thought so.

On one hand, building a PWA takes less time, less effort and even less overhead compared to any native app. It is capable of devices integrations and has all the capabilities of a mobile app, including offline storage, geolocation, push notifications and camera controls.

On the other hand, building a PWA means getting these above core functionalities rendered in a website. That not only need complex to stringent programming with unique components like service workers, but also an assurance that these components will behave accordingly in different devices.

Thus, to say the least, to have a PWA developed for your business, you need a web development team that has sheer excellence of working on this avant-garde PWA technology.

While clearly, progressive web applications are the next-gen web solutions driving businesses and brands, it’s time for you to join the rage of PWA. Hire our PHP programmers and web experts having in-depth knowledge of the market to take your website to a new level with PWA!