Boost Conversions by making your Magento Site Mobile Friendly

If you thought that during the last shopping events of Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year or Black Friday, your online store did well, then well, you are not yet aware of the reality. In fact you may have lost a good deal of money, along with sales due to your unoptimized website, which was not mobile friendly, and more than 80% of the shoppers viewing products from their mobile devices. With increased opportunities, diversified product ranges and improved pricing, investing in the heart of online growth strategy can be the sole point in helping you improve conversion rate.

Statistical reports based on TechCrunch, showcase a marvelous hike in the mobile sales number in some special days compared to last year, which are as follows:

OccasionRise in mobile sales number
Black Friday187%
Cyber Monday150%

This database clearly portrays that its time that the “E” of e-commerce is about to be replaced by “M” and make it Mobile commerce instead.  There is another leading “M” that we are going to talk about, Magento. Being the most popularly market- wide accepted, this open source eCommerce platform has been around with us for over five years now. As per research shows,  Magento powers about 9063 out of 34,864 online stores lying in the Alexa Top 1 million, offering Magento 26% of share.

Glancing through Google’s Guidelines

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There are some unavoidable points which should be kept in mind for making your website rank better and bringing better conversion rate. Serving the same HTML for both desktop and mobile site with only the CSS files changed for various display options. The only way by which you can do it is by presenting different kinds of websites by keeping the URL same. If this doesn’t work as planned then get varied website URLs for mobile and desktop.

Using Magento Extensions

  • CouchCommerce
  • Tenfoot – Easy Mobile Ecommerce

Using responsive themes

  • Magento Mobile HTML5 Theme
  • Argento Theme
  • Neddev Magento Mobile Theme

Some industry perspectives from few generated conversations:

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I’ve used a slightly different approach.

I started off my client’s site with a theme which is “semi-responsive”, as a mobile theme was not in the works at the time.

But, the main site was [a] bit too [bloated] for mobile, so I had to quickly find a lightweight mobile solution, and decided to customise the standard mobile theme, which actually works very well. My advice, though, is if your mobile and desktop themes use substantially different layouts (.xml for instance), do not try and automate the mobile switching with the theme “exceptions” from the Magento admin. That route can cause complications, because it’s technically trying to skin the mobile front-end on top of a full-site layout structure (potential nightmare situation).

What I did to get the auto-switch to mobile front-end is to add some php mobile-detection code into the head.phtml template of the main site templates, and if it’s detected as a mobile, do a javascript redirect to the mobile front-end.

With some added session variable manipulation, you can also get it to switch freely from full-site theme, back to mobile-theme easily. I’ll be happy to provide my theme-switching code if needed. Because it was a quick-fix for me, it may look a bit “hackie” but it works.

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