Hire Yii Specialists

Hire Yii Specialists

A free and open-source Web application development framework, Yii is written in PHP to promote a clean, DRY design while encouraging rapid website development. It works toward streamlining your application development while helping to ensure an extremely maintainable, extensible and efficient end product. Designed to provide optimum performance, Yii framework is the ideal choice for all projects irrespective of their size or scale.

Salient features of the Yii framework:

Whether you have a team of developers working on a complex Web application project or are an individual who has been tasked with developing a simple Website, using the Yii framework is akin to augmenting your work with additional efficient, professional, and experienced resources.

The key features that gives this framework an upper hand over all its competitors are as under:

  • Yii works on the proven MVC (Model-View-Controller) design architecture
  • Developers are allowed to model their database based on objects while not being required to write repetitive, tedious and complex SQL statements
  • Easy validation and form input
  • Apart from featuring jQuery integration, Yii also has AJAX-enabled widgets
  • Extension library replete with contributions from users
  • Clear and detailed documentation of every property and method

YII Specialist

Hire Yii specialists, team up with the best:

At PHPProgrammers, our team of experienced professionals and Yii specialists will help in providing you with the perfect solution for your business website development. Our Yii programmers have been working for our dedicated client base for many years and delivered numerous successful projects.

The advantages you get from hiring our Yii specialists are as follows:

  • We have the largest Yii development portfolio in the industry
  • We provide our clients with secure and safe business solutions
  • The very best professionals and Yii specialists provide you with the required business solutions
  • Round-the-clock service and technical support for your project
  • Our techniques are purely object-oriented
  • We have more than 90% success rate in our project dealings

So come, work with the best and hire Yii specialists from PHPProgrammers. Contact us today with your business requirements and we will assign you a team of the very best professionals. What’s more, we also provide you a 20% discount on hiring a Yii specialist with us.

Key Strengths

  • Certified team of developers to provide you the best PHP solution
  • Quick deployment of your projects
  • We have experience in working with a diverse field of projects
  • We are capable of developing dynamic applications
  • Our solutions are designed to be technically robust
  • There is an efficient communication system in place through email, chat, or Skype

Technical skills

  • Development skills: PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, Zend, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, CSS3, XML, xHTML, HTML, HTML5
  • Database skills: PostGreSQL, MySQL 5.x, MySQL 4.x
  • Concepts: Social Media Business Intelligence, CMS, e-commerce, SVN, MVC, and OOPS

Experience and Education

  • Minimum 2-7 years of professional experience
  • Bachelor in Computer Science or Masters in Computer Application
  • Excellence in Regular Internal Training Programs
  • Successful handling of individual projects
  • Positive client reviews to support

Why You Should Work With Us

Save Big:

Our reasonable hiring rates and infrastructure costs will help you save large sums on your development project.

Experience counts:

We have a team of certified, experienced and highly skilled developers working with us.

Timely service:

We deliver quality solutions for your business within the defined delivery deadline.

Maximised profit:

Our services and solutions are designed so as to maximise the profits of your business.

Custom development:

We develop custom applications for your business based on the various popular PHP frameworks.

Transparency of service:

A 100% transparent billing system so that you cannot complain of hidden costs later on.

Round-the-clock support:

Our clients are afforded technical and business support at any time of the day.

Code of Confidentiality:

We guarantee complete confidentiality of all business and client data so that you do not face unwanted issues ever

Improved online visibility:

Your business will have a much needed security and increased visibility as far as its online presence in concerned.

Full-proof testing:

All projects are tested by a dedicated QA team so that any form of error or bugs are removed before final delivery.