How To Follow Up A Customer Who Has Just Purchased From Your eCommerce Site

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As far as all etailers around the online commercial world are concerned, they require a strong nurturing campaign that prompts their prospective customers to go ahead with a maiden purchase. When a customer says “Yes!” to you (and your business) it serves as a clear indication that you should look to put your best commercial foot forward and follow up strong with the individuals. This is not only a means of impressing the customers but also serves the purpose of being a subtle marketing strategy.

Here, we walk you through the various elements that are essential for an eCommerce website so that they can serve to deepen the relationship between their customers and company, striving to build a fruitful business relationship in the process.

Spice up the confirmation emails

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Simply because the first email you send out to your customer post their first purchase is a transactional one does not mean that it has to be made boring! Also, no such thumb-rule exists that you cannot add a suitable call-to-action button anywhere in that email. To open a confirmation email once a purchase has been completed is something almost every individual does. So as a business owner, try and ensure that you turn this curiosity to your own advantage.

One course of action to follow in this regard is include secondary incentives. These may be a call-to-action for further engaging with your company or making a new purchase. In the example shown, we have a confirmation mail from Graphic river with their call-to-action showing suggested works that the customer may want to take a look at. There is also a link to a blog of the website given in the confirmation email.

Pay some attention to the shipping emails

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Here we take a look at a shipping confirmation email from Macy’s. It mentions a clear incentive on all purchases made for the occasion of Mother’s Day with free shipping options and promo code discounts. You could also focus on including some amount of educational content so that the customers are prepared for the product when it arrives at their doorstep. This holds true especially for electronic gadgets and other household items that need to be assembled before being put to use.

Do you have any relevant blog content that would be of help to a customer in terms of seeing more value or a better usage for your product? If so, include a link for the same in your shipping message.

Of course there is another course of action to follow. Design an email that would have your customer bound in a charming and mesmerizing spell, prompting them to talk to anyone and everyone nearby when they open your shipping confirmation email. Here is a sample from Warby Parker that is sure to excite you no ends.

Be grateful, send a note of Thanks

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We have all been brought up well through our early childhood days. So why forego the principles and moral values in life when the time comes to establish ourselves in the eCommerce industry? Fall back on these teachings from early life and send out a note of thanks to all those people you appreciate so much at work (in this case, they are better known as your customers).

As long as you have a heartfelt message in place, the recipients of the notes will surely appreciate them. If you have gone further and done sufficient amount of homework, you will end up including them in the right list. This will further add value to the product recommendations you choose to make in this thank you email to your customers.

One additional option would be to thank the customers with a credit or discount towards making their next purchase. Here we take a look at an example from Home Depot which makes commendable use of their educational resources through a link to the “How-To Community.”

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