Making Magento-WordPress Integration Simpler with Plugins

Thanks to the ongoing digital age in which technology has attained an unprecedented leap, we keep hearing various jargons pretty frequently. ‘Plugin’ is one such jargon and it is often referred to by other names like adding, addon, and extension, etc. To put it very simply, it is a software program or component that adds a particular feature to an existing software application. In other words, when a software supports plugins, it enables customization.

These are widely used in various web browsers to add new features like search engines, virus scanners or the efficiency of using a new file type like a new video format. The list of popular plugins for the browser includes

  • Adobe flash player
  • QuickTime player
  • Java plugins

The varieties of plugins mentioned above are capable to launch a Java applet activated by the user on a webpage when it is executed on a local Java virtual machine.

Software plugins are developed for a number of reasons, which include

  • Enabling 3rd-party developers to create new features which extend the existing application
  • It makes easier to add new features
  • In certain cases, plugins reduce the size of an application

There are also instances when plugins separate the source code from a software application on account of incompatible software licenses.

In this context, it is relevant mentioning about the Magento WordPress integration introduced by Fishpig. This plugin is overwhelmingly popular as both Magento and WordPress are two of the most popular CMS platforms these days. The plugin smartly integrates one’s WordPress blog with an existing Magento store.

As such, the FishPig plugin is undergoing constant upgradation to facilitate a larger number of users in integrating blogs with Magento stores. The array of impressive features that the plugin possesses includes

  • It is absolutely free to use
  • Hassle-free to install through Magento Connect
  • It allows to integrate an existing WordPress blog and keep the previous URL
  • Users can log into WordPress Admin from Magento Admin just by one single mouse click
  • Allows linking WordPress posts with Magento products

The extension supports a number of other WordPress plugins and makes life easier for the software developer community

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