Make Your Store Better In 2019 With Magento 2.3

Big things await for eCommerce businesses with Magento 2.3 release!

While so far Magento has been ruling the world of eCommerce, the anticipated release of the next major version 2.3 sooner will make things even better for the retail merchants.

Even though the release date has not been finalised till now, everyone, from the Magento community members to the developers and merchants are looking ahead to the round of fresh features that 2.3 version will roll out for eCommerce stores.

Like very earlier version upgrade, Magento 2.3 will uncover some exciting features that will open up new opportunities for the sellers to enhance their customer experiences and back-end efficiency. Magento programmers in Australia while advocating the release note of the new version said it will bring features that will directly fuel up UI, UX and performance. For instance, it introduces a friendly page builder and then there’s a feature of Asynchronous API.

So, we all know that Magento is going to get bigger with this major release easing the tasks of both Magento developers and e-tailers.  Without a further fuss, this blog post highlights the new features of Magento 2.3.0 and how they would amplify the eCommerce presence for retailers in 2019.

Magento 2.3 Features & Everything You Should Know

Super-friendly Page Builder

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Magento 2.3 empowers the users of the platform, that is, eCommerce merchants to create engaging and customised pages themselves with Page Builder, an intuitive, easy drag and drop interface. It is built based on the revised Bluetooth CMS extension, bought much prior by Magento and brings forth a tool to let merchants take full control of the content on the pages.

The Page Builder is further integrated with extensive features of Magento like widgets and gallery, to include these contexts in the website’s pages. All in all, it helps in creating new pages, enriching product/categories content, and positioning elements in the page in a highly customised way as the merchants deem fit for their site.

While this user-friendly Page Builder will be generally available in the Magento Commerce, it needs to be bought from the marketplace in case of the open-source version.

Multi-source Inventory

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The ever-growing number of merchants using Magento have been expecting some quirk improvements on how they sell, stock up and deliver products. The all-new feature Multi-source Inventory (MSI) this time meets up to their expectations and will help them brilliantly to increase their operational efficiency in inventory management. With it, merchants can altogether manage the inventories hoarded in different locations from a sole admin.

Not just this, the feature of MSI also count on great benefits for merchants with a single source of inventory. With an inventory reservation system, it tracks deductions from the stock of salable products whenever a customer orders something. This resultantly helps the store owners to keep accurate quantity counts of their stocks and execute high-performing checkouts.

PWA Studio

With the influence of Smartphones catching up with eCommerce, more than a half of buyers come through mobile devices. To be fair, the percentage would nearly reach 85 or 90% by 2019. Fortunately, Magento 2.3 is deliberately developed to address this increasing rage of mobile shopping with the PWA Studio.

To support the earlier evolved concept of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) that deliver applications with superior mobile experiences, Magento releases PWA Studio as a toolkit in the 2.3 version. It will allow the Magento developers to create Progressive Web Apps providing app-like experiences to customers using the platform. So, users will no longer require installing the application.

While PWA Studio helps to deliver mobile commerce sites that are fast, reliable and all way integrated to give comprehensive experiences, they have an upper hand in SEO aspect and can improve the conversions, page performances too. Furthermore, PWAs in Magento are created with features like offline support and will be regularly updated with refreshing features, by being an initiative of the open-source version.

Asynchronous APIs

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Differing much from the usual Web APIs, Asynchronous APIs which enable better control to users with the ability to make a request or bulk requests.  Unlike in the former case where the users after making a request to the Web Service have to wait for the response, they do not need to in the latter. Subsequently, a separate status API gets available to check upon the request’s progress.

As the integrations do not require to wait for the requests to be fully completed while making the calls, the new scalable APIs result in better performance.

Bonus Features

Magento 2.3.0 is further coupled with some more updates and enhancements which are poised to make the journey of merchants bit smoother. Here are they.

GraphQL: It is a query language and flexible storefront API integrated into the ecosystem of the new Magento version. Owing to this feature, the Magento programmers will be able to query data elements from APIs in one request.

Magento Shipping:  Its an added support providing new fulfilment options along with global availability.

Security tools: Merchants could better secure their online store and restrict unauthorised access by switching to 2.3 version with features like ReCAPTCHA and TFA (Two-factor Authentication).

Declarative Schema: There’s a new approach called Declarative Database Schema, with which developers can define database structures or the changes in XML files, rather than defining them with scripts installation.

Wrapping Things Up!

With all new tools, Magento 2.3.0 is here to make online merchandising easier than before with seamless management of back-end operations. For years, Magento and its huge community consistently aim at advancing the platform as eCommerce merchants grow and evolve. This time again Magento 2.3 is the inevitable outcome of their efforts and unlike the earlier versions,  this release pack brings out refreshing features and impactful improvements. So, how it will ignite the growth of online merchants in 2019 or how will help the Magento experts to meet up their client’s expectations is yet to be seen.  

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