Premium But Unusual, VirtueMart Templates You Will Surely Love

About VirtueMart

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An open-source eCommerce solution, ViruteMart is designed as an extension of the content management system from Joomla. It offers a number of templates which are among the best as far as eCommerce websites are concerned.

VirtueMart is written in PHP and needs the MySQL database environment for storage purposes. It is ideal for the websites that feature a low to medium level traffic. This online store development tool supports an unlimited number of categories and products. The products can further be assigned to multiple categories. Sale of downloadable products is also permitted while VirtueMart offers a catalog mode where the shopping cart features are typically turned off.

The VirtueMart framework supports a number of prices for a given product. These prices depend on a quantity range or shopper groups and permits the use of a number of different payment gateways.

Premium VirtueMart themes

Let us now take a look at some of the premium VirtueMart themes on offer from their team of in-house developers. While some of them may seem a little too unusual, these are undoubtedly the themes to make use of for online store development.

Caviar Gourmet Premium

Gourmets from all around the world are seem to go mad for such delicacies as caviar. People are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for these tiny black pearls that have such an exquisite flavour. Online stores of the finest food companies have a variety of caviar specialties on offer and help customers in finding their desired variant. This theme is a readymade design for such a store that is oriented at caviar lovers and individuals who love delicious food. It has a redefined layout that underlines the exquisite nature of products and pleases the aesthetic feelings of the visitors. With a high level of responsivity and user-friendliness, shopping will turn into a pleasant pastime. If you want to make the right choice for a beneficial online shop, this is the professional theme you must work with.

MMA Gear Store

MMA is gaining popularity as a dynamic store that makes use of a lot of martial art styles. Not only men but women and children also are getting drawn towards it. So would you be interested in supplying this army of courageous individuals with safe and quality fighting gear?

If so then here is a handy premium VirtueMart template that is an inspiration of bravery for the viewers who have their first interaction with this site. A truly masculine color scheme, realistic background and bold imagery create the perfect atmosphere of a boxing arena. The user will be guided through the categories of various products on sale thanks to the gridbased product list and convenient slider.

The theme has vibrant canary yellow hues that attract the attention of users to the fields that matter the most while also motivating them to further add items to the cart. When you dress up your eStore with this design, MMA boxers can surely find gears for a secure fight.

Alternative Clothing Store

PHP development company

Representatives of various subcultures wear special clothes in order to accentuate their freedom and indifference towards the stereotypes present in the modern society. In order to win over the sympathy of social outcasts, designers of such extraordinary garments should use a web platform that stands out from the rest for promoting their offerings. In order to help them pursue these goals, this theme has been developed.

If you apply this theme to your website, the visitors will feel their urge for self expression to strengthen. This will serve as a motivation for them to wear the advertised clothes. Not every individual can be brave enough when it comes to boasting a provocative appearance. However, you will be able to reinforce their courage of remaining in the spotlight with the use of catchy visuals in this premium template.

If you are looking to inspire individuals with a rebellious spirit so that they can show off their unique identity and isolate themselves from a society of clones, then this is the template you should look to work with.

Durable Holsters for Weapons

Firearm owners need durable holsters for concealing their weapons and keeping them secure even while performing active movements. While choosing a holster, people usually tend to focus on quality rather than the product price. This is why it is important for the manufacturers to highlight the high standards of their products. So in order to put emphasis on such an aspect, turning towards its premium VirtueMart template is seemingly a good idea.

If you setup an online store with assistance of this framework, your business will look like a reliable and serious provider of holsters. This will encourage customer confidence in the offerings. As items get presented against the backrop of a khaki color scheme, people will believe in their ability to provide assurance for maximum security. Thus they will have the belief that there won’t be any accidental shots to possibly wound them. Give a try to this premium VirtueMart template in order to attract firearm owners who value precautionary measures above anything else.

Minimal Responsive

The Minimal Premium VirtueMart themes are dedicated for the tools, cosmetics, electronics, apparels, fashion designers and multi-purpose stores. This template offers excellent color combinations. Every one of the sub-pages is customized. With a professional and clean look, this theme is really nice.

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