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4 Ways for Making PHP Lesser Painful

PHP has witnessed few changes that are worth noticing and can’t make you get the most out of PHP. The 4 biggest improvements of the language to drive the developers crazy with ecstasy are as follows:

  • Getting to know Package dependency management

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We usually use PEAR, short form of which is (PHP Extension and Application Repository) for Package and dependency management of PHP until now. However, PEAR comes with its own baggage of poor maintenance. Apart from that, it is not user-friendly and the techniques used are outdated. But still, PEAR was widely used due to the absence of package-management systems for PHP as a whole unlike other PHP frameworks which employed their own package-management systems like CodeIgniter‘s Sparks and CakePHP‘s Bakery.

This difficult scenario is about to change with the advent of Composer. Composer receives notes from Ruby’s Bundler and Node JS‘s NPM system. It comes with a repository named Packagist. Packagist has many common PHP apps, frameworks and other components included in it. This helps packages to be tracked from project to project so that it can be ascertained as to exactly where the packages are required and can be installed as per the requirements.

  •  HHVM/Hack

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Two major changes of PHP is the HHVM and the Hack language. Hack language has taken PHP with additional features and just not the default PHP. Compiling PHP code with C++ code is done by HHVM, allowing ten times better performance, for its last execution. Both being new innovations has left us without much of its impact being felt. But there are always reasons to keep PHP alive as a highly choiceable platform.


  • Effective Functionalities

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A group of PHP programmers came together to organize and develop standards of letting them to develop the project consistently. They work with the hope that over a time, this language will be chosen for an array of project types.


  • Understanding PHPNG

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Improvements in PHP can be brought about in many ways if developers started using the upcoming version. PHPNG, which is the development branch, consists of various information on how to improve the memory consumption for various functions. We get to see a reduced number of machine instructions for any given action to be completed, among many other favorable operations.

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Simple Steps To Help Speed Up A CakePHP Website

If you are an individual related to the world of website development, you are likely aware of the things that hinder the development of a process with better results and quality performance. Well, as far as the use of CakePHP framework is concerned, it offers individuals the very best in terms of security and support. However, even such a high-performing framework such as CakePHP needs a certain amount of fine-tuning in order to give developers the best value in terms of their available resource and time.

cakePHP programmersThis is one aspect where speed comes into play greatly. A good speed allows optimum website performance and uninterrupted services. Simultaneously, it serves as an indicator of how well things are functioning and all that needs to be expected in return from the facility with regards to the valuable time and resources you invest in the same.

In the modern world, CakePHP definitely ranks as the most talked about framework. This is mainly attributed to the planned resources and easy techniques that are on offer. Besides, it also offers certain functionalities that allow speeding up of the website while not compromising on the ideal results and a desirable performance.

Here we take a look at some of the speed optimization techniques that you should consider using for a CakePHP website.

Regular upgrade of the framework versions

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Just as you need new clothes every year to fit your changing shape or style, this framework is also in need of upgrades to fit in with the latest website trends. An upgraded version also helps support the advanced functional properties that work well with the modified user requirements. It is advisable that you upgrade your CakePHP website to the latest version so that it continues performing at the highest level. In case you are continuing with the earlier versions, shift to version 2.3.x or higher. If you are not sure of what to use, take a look through the CakePHP Cookbook and get an idea of what best suits your requirements.


Work on a disabled debug mode

While working on a CakePHP-based website, ensure that you have the debug mode turned off. While that sounds largely obvious, even the very best CakePHP programmers often forget to switch off the debugging process. The key statement of change is given as:

Configure:: write (‘debug’, 2)

changes to

Configure::write (‘debug’, 0)

This will enable all error messages to be hidden while refreshing the model caches. This will allow the pages to load quickly thus affecting the speed of the website to a considerable degree.

Disable the Recursive Find statements

This may seem like a very basic process; however, it is not totally uncommon for the developers to experience production time site crash because they decided to overlook the Recursive Find Statements at a time when it mattered most. If you want to avoid such things happening to your website, you need to ensure that Default Recursion is set to zero. This can be achieved by applying the following code in app/model/AppModel.php

  • <?php
  • class AppModel extends Model {
  • public $recursive = -1;
  • }

Results in the Cache Query

cache query

An effective optimization allows great query results to be shown with the search process involving great speed. All you need to do is avoid the excess of queries from going into the databases while while limiting the fields that are returned by each query. By applying the containable class, you can cache the database queries so as to get better end results.

Memory Based Caching

Yes, here we have a process that goes a long way in putting up with the best as far as the performance speed of your CakePHP website is concerned. This is because when you are accessign any session, PHP opens up the related file and decodes information to better serve the requirements of your query. The catch here is that accessing things from memory is seemingly faster and consumes less amount of resources as compared to disk I/O functions. This is why if you are aiming to prevent your site from being sloppy and sluggsh, it is best to install memory-based caching. Inclusion of frequent operations occurring in between the session resources will further aid in improving the speed of the CakePHP-based website.

Remove Apache and Install Nginx

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One of the latest trends in the world of CakePHP based website development is to remove Apache and replace it with Nginx. This allows the website to absorb all performance bottlenecks and disruptions that may be a result of heavy Internet traffic. Nginx offers the most needed options that are much better when it comes to combatting speed issue on websites as opposed to the millions of different options on offer from Apache. Be it consuming memory or serving static files, Nginx helps serve everything in accordance with the program speed.

Install Percona in place of MySQL

This is one of the most important CakePHP programming and development techniques that every professional associated with this development framework needs to be aware of. Percona has been built following years of close supervision and in-depth understanding of performance issues that are not always addressed by MySQL. Database architecture optimization and various installation options for a fast and prompt web operation are among some of the issues that Percona helps to address.