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Drupal Vs Joomla Vs WordPress – Which one is better?

Drupal Vs Joomla Vs WordPress

Looking for a suitable CMS development platform to build your business website?

Today, most of the businesses are looking for Dynamic websites and CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress are the best options to build such websites. But, how to decide which platform will be the most suited one for your business?

The right CMS can get you to the top! How? Well, it will be helpful in optimising navigation, website workflow along with website content. A reliable CMS is the only option that can maximise your web application’s or site’s potential.

Now, if you go by the recent market trends, undoubtedly, Joomla and Drupal will get most of the votes. On the other hand, WordPress has the power of over 60.1% CMS-based websites in 2019. In respect of this market share aspect, Joomla and Drupal are far behind WordPress with 5.3% and 3.5% market share respectively.

Now, your decision becomes the most vital thing regarding choosing the best option to build your business website. Obviously, each platform comes with a separate feature-list and offers its own set of benefits. Now, which features and benefits are important to your business that depends on the business requirements.

The comparative analysis here among these top-rated CMS frameworks will help you to take the right decision.

But, before digging into the comparative analysis, let’s find out the similarities between all these popular CMS platforms i.e. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Similarities between Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress

  • Open source software
  • Available for free under the license of GPL
  • Joomla, Drupal and WordPress – all three are based on MySQL and PHP
  • All three platforms use different templates and themes for website designing. Extensions, plugins, and different modules are used to make the websites feature-rich and to enhance the website functionalities.
  • All three platforms are backed by huge community support that consists of worldwide experienced and professional developers, trainers, designers, volunteers along with the users. The main objective of this community is to make the platform better by organising events, sharing knowledge, solving various issues, supporting users and many more.

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The comparative study between WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal


Frequently, WordPress is the best choice for beginners because of it’s ease-of-use. If you own an SME, choosing this CMS platform for building your business’s website will be a good idea. WordPress is a good choice for building smaller eCommerce stores as well.

Here’s a quick view to top WordPress-built website categories.


Image Source: www.similartech.com

The biggest USP of WordPress is that without having any sheer technical expertise in PHP or HTML, you can effortlessly work with this CMS.

If you are looking for direct reasons to opt for WordPress, here you go!



  • It has plenty of themes and plugins available for customisation
  • Third-party developers and designers can easily create inexpensive or free WordPress tools

Easy to install

  • Most of the web hosting companies offer automated installs for WordPress
  • In less than 5 minutes, the websites can be up and run

Community support

  • Experiencing issues or having any question regarding WordPress development? The free WordPress support forum with millions of contributors will help you out.

The latest market research has shown that each month, more than 409 million people view over 22.7 billion WordPress pages and the users create almost 64.3 million new WordPress posts.

WordPress 5.0 is also in the market now. So, it is expected that with the new version, WordPress is about to bring huge changes in all the statistics!

Some of the most popular WordPress-built websites are


In terms of market share, Joomla is strongly holding its position just after WordPress.

If you are looking for CMS options to build a social networking site or an eCommerce website, Joomla will be a great choice if you have certain technical knowledge and skills on PHP and HTML.

Here’s a quick view to top Joomla-built website categories.


Image Source: www.similartech.com

Some straight reasons to opt for Joomla are

  • Joomla makes setting up an online store painless and quick
  • Though it is not as simple as WordPress, still quite easier than handling Drupal
  • It offers a help portal to ask questions and receive technical support
  • It is an easily maintainable platform, which allows perfect control over content management


To experience a dynamic CMS, you should hire expert Joomla developers.


Installing Drupal is possible with just a simple click!

Next, you need to set up the website with information of tagline, email address and site name. The dashboard is clean and very simple looking and has a minimal layout.

As of May 2018, Drupal has over one million sites and it is projected to grow more!  With 1.960,074 total sites live and built with Drupal, the growth rate of its usage since 2011 has been remarkable.

Here’s a quick view to top Drupal-built website categories.


Image Source: www.similartech.com

With Drupal 8, things have got even better, with nearly 50% increase in the number of websites in a year.


Image Source: twitter.com

Here is a clear answer to why Drupal.

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So, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – which one to opt for?

In short, WordPress is beginner-friendly and you can get started with it quickly. Even without any knowledge of coding, you can come up with a feature-rich and functional site that is suitable for large amounts of traffic.

Also, it is secure, highly customisable, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly, easy to localise and collaborate.

If you are looking for something in between the user-friendliness and out of the box solution, opt for Joomla. Even though it has a bit steeper learning curve, the immense popularity of this CMS framework says all on its behalf.

Finally, if you are looking for experts to build huge websites for your business with unlimited customisations and extensive out-of-the-box features, hire best Drupal developers. This platform is not at all suitable for beginners.

See, not every business is different from others and has a different set of requirements. To choose the most suitable content management system for your website, you need to consider the following aspects like


Every CMSs mentioned above has all these qualities with so many other features. Once you analyse your business, you will understand what type of CMS requirements you need and accordingly you can choose the most feasible one.

If you are still struggling to make up your mind, get in touch with the best PHP developers in Sydney at PHPProgrammers. This team has years of working experience in the field of CMS development in Australia and delivering best in class business solutions to industry-specific diverse businesses.

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Things About Drupal! What Makes It An Ideal CMS Platform

Drupal CMS

There’s nothing more dynamic as a framework like Drupal!

Don’t believe it? We’ll give enough reasons to!

Prior to a website or web application development, enterprises or organisations are faced with a critical challenge of picking the ultimate CMS among the wide number of options in the market. While it mainly depends on the type of website or application one wants to build, Drupal is that one ideal framework for answering to the needs and concerns of all kinds of web projects.

Drupal: What is it?

Created back in 2000 by two of the most intellect students Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder, Drupal is a powerful CMS, Content Management System, designed to create sophisticated websites or applications for businesses and other purposes.

As on May 2018, Drupal has over one million sites and it is projected to grow more!  With 1.960,074 total sites live and built with Drupal, the growth rate of its usage since 2011 has been remarkable.

Drupal Usage

Image Source: trends.builtwith.com

Without a doubt, Drupal developers have worked really hard to come up with something as dynamic as this framework which makes way for widespread categories of websites.

Drupal website

Image Source: similartech.com

Well, there’s a lot you can do with Drupal web development! We at PHPProgrammers, a leading web development company in Australia also believe that and our in-house team of skilled web developers along with CMS experts help businesses in realising their dream of a web solution in a flick.

With Drupal 8, things have got even better, with nearly 50% increase in the number of websites in a year.



Image Source: twitter.com
 While lots of people are pretty much aware that Drupal is the trending most, potential and a much-forwarded CMS, we’ve pinned down certain facts that make it so.

#1 Reliability and Scalability

With skyrocketed adoption rate, Drupal 7 has been already reigning with over a million websites. Compared to the earlier versions, there’s more to look in it and that gave major reasons for users of previous versions to migrate to it. The version 8 is also on the same track!

If there is one framework that can handle any amount of traffic, be it an enterprise application or a generic website, it is Drupal.

With Drupal’s all-inclusive feature-set and great customisation functions, it empowers the developers to embed high-end elements in the sites or applications.

“Drupal focuses on providing standard features including reliable performance, strong security, and reliable customizability”

To put simply, it paves a way towards successful branding for businesses and helps them achieve corporate success.

#2 Enhanced  Usability

Once a website or application is built using Drupal, the owners have complete control over it. That means, they can modify, tweak or twist in any feature and make changes in the content.

As a CMS, it is unexpectedly easy for them to learn and use, even without taking help of any tutorials or instruction manuals.

With some best of sites built with Drupal like Manhatten, eBay, Twitter, BBC Store, Stanford University, and The Economist, it is even suitable for small enterprises needing a standard website. Whether one is looking for an eCommerce store setup or a website embedded with information and intuitive elements, Drupal is the most feasible solution for all.


Video Source: Dries Buytaert

#3 Top-notch Security

“Security is the top priority” and Drupal’s every version promises some great security upgrades to safeguard the sites from all form of privacy breaches. The key driving factor in the last Drupal version, 8.0 is its reliance on different third-party components such as JQuery, Symfony, or Twig.

It is widely known among the developers community for its top-notch security measures which add to other consistent security patches and updates provisioned by the Drupal developers’ Security Advisory team.

Besides, the team operates 24×7 to resolve all the reported security issues, provide assistance to module maintainers for resolving security issues and help in the documentation for writing code and securing the website.

#4 Multilingual Support

Yes. Drupal is a multilingual framework. This reflects its flexibility as a CMS. All the key functionalities and modules of Drupal are available in 90 foreign languages. When the spread of the internet is not limited to Australia or the UK or just to the English speakers, the demand for multilingual websites is on the rise.

Drupal addresses to this pressing need. It is so far the most affordable and effective framework at present to create websites with multi-language support to help businesses in their global marketing and branding strategy.

#5 Drupal has its own SEO speciality

While SEO or search engine optimisation is the powerful aspect to make the virtual or web presence of a site more prominent, Drupal CMS takes care of that! It covers the basic as well as advanced SEO measures to optimise a site’s content for greater visibility and traffic from the search engines.

With numerous SEO modules from third-parties, it empowers the companies and their marketers to take their website’s search engine optimisation efforts to another level, fetching more traffic.

 Drupal Development

#6 Easing out every complexity  of a site

With every new version upgrade, Drupal got better relieving the developers and website users from all the complexities of working on a site.

While the best Drupal developers can deploy all the coherent and key functionalities of the CMS to easily craft a user-friendly and competent web solution, they can also deal with websites’ complex requirements using its customisation features. In other words, it got more advanced with days to provide enough room for the developers to create and modify bigger sites with heavy structure effortlessly.


So, Why choose Drupal?

Here’s the clear answer.

If you’ve got enough reasons to deploy Drupal, then wait no more! Get for your business the most dedicated Drupal developers on hire from our team and get the best of web solution with the highest form of digital experiences.  


7 Best Free Drupal Themes For Your Blog Site

Drupal Themes

I’m sure if you ask any website developer around the world, they will unanimously agree that WordPress is the most popular content management system available in the market at present. However, it will come as a great surprise to many when I say that Drupal has undergone significant levels of maturity and growth down the years as far as their design quality, performance, stability, and power are concerned.

If you wish to make use of the open-source Drupal content management system, either for your professional or personal blog, then there are a number of Drupal themes that you can work with.

Here we take a look at a few of them, all of which include such impressive features such as font integration, image slideshows, multi-level drop-down menus, Google Fonts, and responsive layouts.

Classic Blog theme

Classic Blog theme

A great looking Drupal 7 theme, Classic Blog features a minimal, sleek, and extremely clean design. Nevertheless, it has a pretty elegant and modern look about it. The Classic Blog theme comes with a very minimalistic design which makes it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, portfolios, and bloggers.



Drupal Nexus theme

Drupal Nexus theme

With elegant looks and a flat responsive design, the Drupal Nexus theme has been designed and developed by the Devsaran community. The theme easily fits in for all portfolio, small business, or blog sites, apart from a whole host of other choices. The design features flat elements in the navigation, buttons, and header sections. With functional, modern, and an elegant design, the clean elements can be easily understood while making website navigation seemingly a pleasure.



Meedjum Blog theme

Meedjum Blog theme

With the Meedjum Blog theme distribution, you can set up a new blog site in the Meedjum style design. Basically, what it does is create an article content type, design a listing view, and adjust a couple of other settings. In the end, you get a simple, beautiful out-of-the-box blog to work with.


Gratis Drupal theme

Gratis Drupal theme

A free Drupal theme with which you can set up your blog site, Gratis offers a number of predefined color schemes for you to work with. It also comes with such features as optional breadcrumbs, a sticky footer section, font integration, and a responsive website layout.




Impact theme

Impact theme

This theme is a responsive multipurpose theme used for designing Drupal 7 blog sites. It has been created keeping in mind the prevalent looks on a large number of different websites. A completely responsive theme, it has been tested for optimal performance on iPad and iPhone devices. Impact theme is a great option for all-round usage and can benefit projects of every type.



Corked Screwer theme

Corked Screwer theme

Developed by the More than (just) themes community, Corked Screwer is based on the homonymous PSD template which was originally designed and published by Vladimir Kudinov. The theme has been ported over to Drupal and is one of the best themes made available by the Drupal developer community. It also features a responsive grid layout.



Writer Drupal theme

Writer Drupal theme

As far as developers of blog sites are concerned, they require a blogging theme that is not only stunning and simple to work with, but also draws the attention of the readers to the quality of code and writing. Three basic design principles went into the development of this theme: a brutally simple design, fantastic typography, and support for code snippets. An HTML5 markup and responsive layout are some of the impressive features of this theme.


Do you want to get a professional Drupal website developed for your business? If so, check out our various services related to website and web application development. Our Drupal developers are well experienced in providing efficient solutions to help you out in every way possible.