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Discover What Makes Laravel Standout From The Rest PHP Frameworks


Laravel is truly the framework for the web artisans!

Let’s figure out here what makes it so.

Built with simplicity, Laravel is all about equipping and empowering the PHP developers to help them learn, develop, write code and grow.

Especially a choice of the beginners, this rapid application development PHP framework along with its ‘huge ecosystem of powerful tools’ help in developing robust sites and applications with clean and readable code.

Expressive, fine Syntax. Perfectly tailored for the team. Modern toolkit. Laravel development affords everything that is required for delivering fine-tuned web applications for a business at warp speed. To put simply, it is a fine-tuned framework that revolutionises how a PHP developer builds web solution.

Businesses wishing to be on the digital forefront with an elegant web application are recommended to use Laravel because of its remarkable performance and expansive modules providing purposeful extensions.


While there are several thousands of websites built on Laravel, let’s get you with the actual statistical figures.

Total number of websites built


Image Source: similartech.com

Laravel Usage Statistics


Image Source: trends.builtwith.com


Top website categories for which Laravel has been the powerhouse are Businesses & Industries, arts & entertainment, shopping, IT or telecom.

Websites categories where Laravel is most used


Image Source: similartech.com

The usage statistics of Laravel globally also reflects its outstanding growth country-wise.


Image Source: similartech.com


But, what brought Laravel at the helm of popularity in these few years? Look here at the tell-tale facts about the framework.

The easy learning curve and agile development

Being a rapid application framework, Laravel developer has a leaner learning process and focuses on minimising the steps involved from the start of development to its release.

Most of the tasks, from database interactions to queueing and caching, are made easier by inbuilt components of Laravel. Furthermore, the components have a consistent application interface (API) and defined structures. So, if you want to build something out-of-the-box, here you go. Laravel’s extensive components will empower your ideas to be placed in your web applications.

A strong ecosystem of tools

Laravel takes away all the repetitive tasks of developers and let them focus on other fruitful aspects of development with its great ecosystem of tools. From local front-end development to server management and advanced deployment, it has respective tools for each of the aspect.

Besides, there are many add-ons or extension packages to expand the functionality of the application such as Cashier for payments or user subscriptions, Scout for search, Socialite for social login and Echo for Websockets. Clearly, Laravel’s modular and packaging system lets business owners have an application developed in the shortest time period and yet customised to suit every requirement.

Complete end-to-end customisation of apps

Laravel allows through and out customisation of the web applications! This is one reason why most developers switch to the framework when their clients’ business idea is challenging and comprise of complex features.

Equipped with pre-designed tools, themes and extension packages, it can pave the way for creating any kind of projects, from enterprise applications to services-based functional websites. The expert Laravel developers can organise and structure the different aspects of the application and so you can have desired results when it is ultimately built.

Extensible to the core

Laravel will support you if you thrive with some long-term vision and want to expand your web application sometime in future to put new features or include modifications. It is flexible to the core and hence your application can adapt to any change any time. However, every time you need to tweak in your web solution, you will need a professional Laravel developer who can perceive the changes you want and rebuild, reform or revamp it intelligently.

Mail integration is an inherent feature addition

Your service-based business application is halfway to success if it does not incorporate a proper communication system or mailing setup. The applications built with Laravel can be included with a cloud-based or local mailing service. Its Mail provides for a simple API over any other third-party library that will allow you to start sending away emails from the application.

Security is the most prioritised aspect

Laravel framework takes care of the security aspects by itself. Salted and Hashed passwords, Bycrypt hashing algorithm, and prepared SQL statements are few worth mentioning. Business applications that deal with vast data will get the safest and most secure authorisation with Laravel as it provides a way for organising the authorisation logic and controlling the access to data or resources. Consequently, only the application owner but no authorised user can access the secured resources.

Laravel Nova: The latest addition to the ecosystem

Few months before, Taylor Otwell announced the launch of Laravel Nova, a specifically designed administration panel, configured entirely applying the simple PHP classes. With no configuration required to store in the database, it allows the developers to add Nova administration panel to a Laravel application. Sleek and one-page application, it’s the smoothest of all and writing custom components in a breeze.

While all these illustrate the excellent potentiality of Laravel for building powerful, high-end web applications, no wondering why it beats other PHP frameworks in the market like Symfony, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. Statistically, it has not only experienced an incessant growth in its usage but also became the most-used framework.

Comparative statistics of Laravel with other PHP Frameworks


Image Source: trends.google.com


With Laravel taken to version 5.7 this September, that unfolded many new additions like Guest User Gates, new Pagination Link Customisation, Callable action URLs and bugfixes, it will hail as the top-notch framework in PHP in near future.

Apart from all the extraordinary aspects of Laravel that brought it to fame, it also does not miss out any of the core features that other PHP frameworks support.

  • Ease of configuration
  • Easy-to-read migration
  • Clean documentation and MVC support
  • Unit Testing
  • Rapid development support
  • Caching
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Artisan CLI
  • Blade templating engine
  • Tutorial archives (i.e. Laracast)
  • Responsive Interface

The Last Tale: How Laravel Meets The Developers’ Demands

Laravel helps to turn your vision into reality without any wasted code, using advanced coding standards, and an empowering community. With a deep focus on simplicity, it excellently builds secure and scalable web applications that are responsive to the core. With less repetitive code, packaged modules, numerous add-ons, simple authentication method, elegant syntax and exclusive components, projects take much lesser time to be built with Laravel than any other frameworks of PHP.

Our team of dedicated Laravel programmers at PHPProgrammers, a web development company in Australia with high reputation can develop astonishing web solutions for you regardless of how complex it is. So, feel free to get in touch if you have a project running in your mind. Even if you need your existing web application to upgrade, customise better and provide support & maintenance, we are there to help.


Expertise web application features of Laravel programmers

Cool Perks of Using Laravel

Laravel is a kind of free, open source PHP web application framework which is featured by an expressive syntax. It is the way to become a better PHP programmer by joining a laravel community. Many modern, user-friendly websites are powered by the laravel framework and web artisans can enjoy a lot by working on this effective php platform. Their dreams have become true with this open source medium and the simple framework is invented by Taylor Otwell. It is appreciated by the modern users as Laravel can be pointed as simple, elegant and well-documented programming framework.


Easy to use:

A user-friendly programming language is helpful to create different flexible and dynamic websites. Now the concept of the static website is revolutionised by the replacement of dynamic websites. Proper beautification of a website is possible by getting the knowledge of programming language. Laravel programmers can easily implement its functionalities to configure a well-structured content management system. Its wonderful application is helpful enough to maintain a stylish, classy and clean framework. Programmers can enjoy a lot with this creative web development procedure.

Impressive and elegant syntax:

The coding style is beautiful enough to stand out the large numbers of frameworks. The semantic web application style is approved by the enterprise solutions as well as the amateur projects have highly appreciated this great coding language. The components of language are helpful to accomplish different complicated web-based projects. The semantic syntax style is associated with tools & useful shortcuts.

Well documented configuration:

The complete documentation procedure is very simple, easy to use, structured and up-to-date. The framework creator ensures that the documentation is updated before releasing a new version. This enables the learners to get the latest information from the documents. It ensures that the learners shall obviously become knowledgeable about the new version and the latest technology of documentation framework.

You are suggested to create an effective installation of this programming language to make your website presence more advanced and updated. Knowledgeable as well as experienced laravel programmers have shown their dedication to meet your need and develop the right web-based solutions.