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How To Choose The Right PHP Development Company For Your Next Web Project

PHP development company

With millions of PHP programmers and thousands of web development companies out there today, it can be really difficult to find the right PHP development company for your next web project. However, these tips can help you out in choosing the right one.


This is a digital era where it has become essential for every business to have an online presence. And having a website is the smartest way to showcase your business on the web and to reach out to a global audience. Though most of the businesses have already gone online through their websites, there are still many who are striving to find the right platform, programming language, and the right company to get their websites built. However, it is always better to go with an affordable yet powerful, secure, scalable, and feature-rich option like PHP for building websites and there are several reasons for choosing it. 


PHP is the most widely-used and favoured server-side scripting language. And you will be surprised to know that nearly 78.9 percent of the websites you can find on the internet are built with. And with every new version of this language, it comes up with something new and more advanced to help every PHP Programmer build websites that are more powerful, intuitive, feature-rich, high-performing, secure, and ROI-driven. 



Apart from these, there are so many more reasons to go with PHP web development for your next project. 

PHP development company


  • PHP is an open-source programming language and is the most cost-effective web development solution. 
  • It is easy to learn and understand. The syntax is pretty simple. 
  • PHP is easy to integrate. 
  • Support almost all the servers like Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, and even personal web servers. 
  • Compatible with all browsers. 
  • It speeds up the development time. Hence, you can launch your project on time. 
  • Faster to code and easy to edit. The coding structure is very clean and well-organised in PHP. 
  • There are many well-designed PHP-based frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Yii, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and more. 
  • PHP is highly secure. 
  • PHP has got large community support. Hence, you can get a flawless website for your business as developers are always able to resolve the errors with the support of the developers of this community.


And because of these reasons, most of the popular websites you may know and may browse often are created with this power-packed scripting language including:



  • Yahoo

1. Yahoo


  • Wikipedia





  • MailChimp, and many more. 



Now, if you want to get such a well-designed and powerful website for your business too, the first thing you need to do is look for the best company to get it done as per your requirements. But the question is how to find and choose the right PHP development company out of so many around? And here’s the answer to your question. 


Your Guide To Choosing The Right Company For Your PHP Project. 

The first thing you must do in this case is to make a list of the top-ranked PHP development companies. You can search for this on the internet. And then get started with the steps below. 


Have A Look At The Company Portfolio:

The company portfolio will tell you everything about the company including their quality of work, the abilities to complete a project, what type of projects they have completed before, are the previous projects relevant to your business type or not, the expertise in PHP skills, etc. This makes it important to check the portfolio. 


Visit The Company Website:

The company must have a well-designed website with an expert team of PHP Programmers, who will know how to play with the PHP codes to meet your project requirements. Look for the skills and abilities on the website. The website must have one or more pages with their skills and services highlighted. What you can do is, visit the websites and explore the same in all and then choose the best one after comparing them. 


Make Sure To Go Through The testimonials:

While exploring the websites of the companies, make sure to put your eyes on the testimonials to see what their previous clients have said about their work. Testimonials reflect the level of client satisfaction. If you get to see positive feedback in the testimonials, you are good to go with the company. A better idea will be to contact one or more of those clients to get a detailed idea about the company. Take your time and read each one of the testimonials carefully. 


Check The Total Work Experience Of The Company:

This step will tell you whether the company is experienced enough to build your project as per your requirements and expectation and can deliver it to you before the deadline or not. If the company has several years of experience in this field and has delivered many quality PHP projects till now, you can rely on the company. Remember, the more the experience of the company, the wider will be their skills and abilities, the more they will be reliable, and the more you will be satisfied with their work. So, keep this point in mind. 


Ask About The Methodologies They Follow:

Every company follows a different style of working. So, ask them about their work approach, and methodologies. The work methodologies are actually the work processes they follow for building PHP websites. Also, ask them about the PHP frameworks they use, the time management strategy they adopt, the milestones of the projects, and the other related aspects. Make sure they work on the latest PHP technologies and use the advanced version of the language for website development. This will ensure a competitive result. 


Are Their Charges Fitting Your Budget? Just Request A Quote:

Once you are done with the above steps, ask about the PHP development charges including all hidden costs. After all, you must be having an estimated budget in your mind. And the charges of the company must fit that without letting you compromise on the work quality. While making any decision, just make sure to ask them about the payment modes and other options like hourly payments, or monthly, etc. 


Check The Customer Support Services And The Communication Mode:

Having prompt customer service support and easy communication modes is important. The company must give regular updates on the work status and the clients must be able to reach out to the developers or the company in case of any requirements. They must be available over the phone, via mail, or via Skype. 


So, these were the steps that you need to consider to find and hire the right PHP development company for your web project. Gather as much information as possible before hiring the company to make sure you are investing in the right place and you will get a great website built at the end. 


However, we at PHP Programmers, an award-winning PHP development company, are committed to the clients and work dedicatedly to deliver PHP websites with stunning designs, powerful features, high performance, and hundred percent security, meeting all their project requirements with excellence. We have: – 

  • Talented designers and the best PHP Programmers.
  • Our experts are always reachable.
  • We ensure to deliver the best quality projects.
  • We use the latest version of PHP and work on advanced technologies.
  • And, we provide the most cost-effective PHP development solutions, with no hidden charges. 


With a leading company, having all the qualities summarised above, you can be sure of giving your traditional business a great presence on the web, with a much wider and global customer base. 

Why develop in PHP – Why It is Still The Best Language for Web Development?

Every newcomer in the web development space is faced with the question, “Which programming language is correct choice for their website?”. From developers to website owners, everyone involved in website development has different opinions about which language suits them best for their project.

PHP development
The trend over the choice of programming languages in the past year predicts PHP is one of the top languages preferred by developers. As per GitHub, PHP is the fifth popular language after Ruby, Python, Java and JavaScript in terms of Opened Pull request. But what’s in the language that makes it the ultimate choice for many? Let’s find out.



  • Lesser load time
  • PHP as a programming language results in creating websites with faster loading speed. This is simply because its codes run faster than the Active Server Pages (ASP). While ASP makes use of an overhead server and a Component based architecture, PHP codes runs in its own memory space.
  • Flexibility of data
    PHP is extremely flexible in terms of database connectivity. It connects to different databases easily and the most common one is MySQL.
  • Collaborates exceptionally with CMS
    The trend in web development for adaptive content in the recent years have made CMS customisation an essential aspect of business websites. Adaptive content implies personalising the content of a website for the individual user to provide them with a one-to-one experience. PHP makes this easy. It enables the developers to customise website content to meet the interests of audience because key CMSs like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are all based on PHP.

PHP Web Development

  • Scalable language
    There is no such scalable programming language like PHP. Facebook, the biggest and most powerful social media platform, runs on it. This gives us the idea of its scalability, robustness, and giant content/data management capacity.
    Further, unlike any other programming language, PHP’s code can be updated without the server reboot. This is its greatest advantage!
  • A standard library
    Libraries are crucial that simplify and speed up the data processing capacity of any programming language. PHP has an extensive library support for a number of activities, from HTTP fetching, URL parsing, regular expressions, database drivers and so forth.
  • Hosting is less expensive
    Unlike ASP programs that only run on Windows servers with pre-installation of IIS, PHP only requires Linux server to run. Available through a hosting provider with any additional cost, PHP is more affordable.

The list of advantages that make PHP the language of choice does not end here! There are more. However, we at PHPProgrammers, a noted company in Australia for PHP development chose the above from the perspective of website owners to help them know why PHP is the best and cost-friendly programming language at present.

4 Ways for Making PHP Lesser Painful

PHP has witnessed few changes that are worth noticing and can’t make you get the most out of PHP. The 4 biggest improvements of the language to drive the developers crazy with ecstasy are as follows:

  • Getting to know Package dependency management

Hire PHP Programmers


We usually use PEAR, short form of which is (PHP Extension and Application Repository) for Package and dependency management of PHP until now. However, PEAR comes with its own baggage of poor maintenance. Apart from that, it is not user-friendly and the techniques used are outdated. But still, PEAR was widely used due to the absence of package-management systems for PHP as a whole unlike other PHP frameworks which employed their own package-management systems like CodeIgniter‘s Sparks and CakePHP‘s Bakery.

This difficult scenario is about to change with the advent of Composer. Composer receives notes from Ruby’s Bundler and Node JS‘s NPM system. It comes with a repository named Packagist. Packagist has many common PHP apps, frameworks and other components included in it. This helps packages to be tracked from project to project so that it can be ascertained as to exactly where the packages are required and can be installed as per the requirements.

  •  HHVM/Hack

php programmers


Two major changes of PHP is the HHVM and the Hack language. Hack language has taken PHP with additional features and just not the default PHP. Compiling PHP code with C++ code is done by HHVM, allowing ten times better performance, for its last execution. Both being new innovations has left us without much of its impact being felt. But there are always reasons to keep PHP alive as a highly choiceable platform.


  • Effective Functionalities

PHP functionalities


A group of PHP programmers came together to organize and develop standards of letting them to develop the project consistently. They work with the hope that over a time, this language will be chosen for an array of project types.


  • Understanding PHPNG

codeigniter programmers


Improvements in PHP can be brought about in many ways if developers started using the upcoming version. PHPNG, which is the development branch, consists of various information on how to improve the memory consumption for various functions. We get to see a reduced number of machine instructions for any given action to be completed, among many other favorable operations.

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