Why CodeIgniter Framework Is Better Than Custom PHP Development

codeigniterCodeIgniter is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in use at the moment. It makes use of the Model-View-Controller architectural design pattern and is considered to be one of the best framework solutions by the PHP developers for all kinds of projects. CodeIgniter offers a number of amazing features and that is something we are going to discuss in this post.

Why make use of a framework?

This is a commonly asked question to the PHP developers to which they seem to have a common answer. “Frameworks make my life easier,” is what they all said.

In order to develop a good, cleanly coded, maintainable, fast, reliable, and high performance application, all architectural design tasks, along with intensive software engineering and analysis are necessary to start the process. Luckily, when you make use of a framework, a lot of these tasks are already taken care of so that developers can only focus on the development project in hand.

PHP frameworksMost of the available PHP frameworks support the MVC pattern and good file organization. They also have loads of libraries and utilities that are highly secure and have numerous performance capabilities. Benchmarking and caching are some notable mentions in this regard. CodeIgniter has all of these mentioned features and more and we shall be talking about them now.

MVC Pattern

MVC patternCodeIgniter makes use of the Model-View-Controller pattern which is regarded as the most used architectural design pattern for all web applications. Modifications may also be carried out in order to support the more advanced Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) pattern through the installation of the popular CodeIgniter HMVC Extension.


Awesome documentation

codeigniter DOCUMENTATIONIt has often been noticed that a bad documentation contributes towards ruining a good product. However such is not the case with CodeIgniter. This development framework has an excellent and well detailed documentation file. This helps in taking you from the very first steps of knowing the framework basics to a full reference for each class, driver and helper with simple examples to go alongside.



communityIf you are stuck at something during the course of your CodeIgniter-based development project and is unable to find the suitable answer in the accompanying documentation, you need not press the panic button! A developer community exists for this framework that is full of expert CodeIgniter developers who are forever willing to lend out a helping hand. Chances are, you will find that your problem has already been taken care of in the past.



performanceWith performance being a major cause for concern for every web developer, CodeIgniter features an optimization that boosts the overall code performance. Moreover, it contains a beautiful caching class that should be ideally checked before use in any development project.



The CodeIgniter framework contains a number of helper functions that were created with the sole intention of helping programmers and developers to write a clean code and save time and effort by preventing them from doing repetitive tasks. For example, the documentation section on the official CodeIgniter website offers information on security, path, arrays, form validation, form and a lot more.

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