Why develop in PHP – Why It is Still The Best Language for Web Development?

Every newcomer in the web development space is faced with the question, “Which programming language is correct choice for their website?”. From developers to website owners, everyone involved in website development has different opinions about which language suits them best for their project.

PHP development
The trend over the choice of programming languages in the past year predicts PHP is one of the top languages preferred by developers. As per GitHub, PHP is the fifth popular language after Ruby, Python, Java and JavaScript in terms of Opened Pull request. But what’s in the language that makes it the ultimate choice for many? Let’s find out.



  • Lesser load time
  • PHP as a programming language results in creating websites with faster loading speed. This is simply because its codes run faster than the Active Server Pages (ASP). While ASP makes use of an overhead server and a Component based architecture, PHP codes runs in its own memory space.
  • Flexibility of data
    PHP is extremely flexible in terms of database connectivity. It connects to different databases easily and the most common one is MySQL.
  • Collaborates exceptionally with CMS
    The trend in web development for adaptive content in the recent years have made CMS customisation an essential aspect of business websites. Adaptive content implies personalising the content of a website for the individual user to provide them with a one-to-one experience. PHP makes this easy. It enables the developers to customise website content to meet the interests of audience because key CMSs like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are all based on PHP.

PHP Web Development

  • Scalable language
    There is no such scalable programming language like PHP. Facebook, the biggest and most powerful social media platform, runs on it. This gives us the idea of its scalability, robustness, and giant content/data management capacity.
    Further, unlike any other programming language, PHP’s code can be updated without the server reboot. This is its greatest advantage!
  • A standard library
    Libraries are crucial that simplify and speed up the data processing capacity of any programming language. PHP has an extensive library support for a number of activities, from HTTP fetching, URL parsing, regular expressions, database drivers and so forth.
  • Hosting is less expensive
    Unlike ASP programs that only run on Windows servers with pre-installation of IIS, PHP only requires Linux server to run. Available through a hosting provider with any additional cost, PHP is more affordable.

The list of advantages that make PHP the language of choice does not end here! There are more. However, we at PHPProgrammers, a noted company in Australia for PHP development chose the above from the perspective of website owners to help them know why PHP is the best and cost-friendly programming language at present.