WooCommerce 3.6 Unleashed To Give More Power To Online Sellers

After lots of tiring attempts, finally, the reigning eCommerce platform WooCommerce announced the release of its next upgrade version 3.6.

Since the minor release of WooCommerce 3.5 last year, many things have been happening behind the scenes with the WooCommerce team striving to bring major improvements in the next version.

With all excited with the arrival of WooCommerce 3.6, we at PHPProgrammers, an enthusiastic eCommerce team providing WooCommerce development in Australia thought here to bring everything about it into the limelight.

But, before you head fast, the three key aspects around which WooCommerce 3.6 revolves are:

  • Performance enhancements
  • New Product Blocks
  • A new Admin Dashboard

What’s to expect in WooCommerce Development with 3.6 version?

A great deal of hard work has been provided by the WooCommerce experts’ community in making this progressive eCommerce platform better and more performance-driven with version 3.6. Works have been done to make it ideal for customer-based functionalities as well as administrative pages.

Performance enhancements with the Product Data Lookup Table

An entirely new addition to WooCommerce, this feature marks the foundation of performance improvements in the platform.  

The Product Data Lookup Table will key in all the essential details or data of the products and keep them stocked up safely at the one single source. This makes the data completely efficient for answering any queries at any time.

How does the Lookup table help?

The Lookup table

-caches crucial pieces of data like SKU unit, stock status, sales, product’s rating and so forth.

-removes the need for maintaining expensive database separately

-results in speed improvement in Admin actions like searching for product variations, bulk product management and so on.

-improves page ranking and customer satisfaction

Actual Results over the front-end changes brought by WooCommerce 3.6

Product Blocks: The Newest Feature Granted In WooCommerce 3.6

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Built based on the power of block-based editor, provided in WordPress 5.0, the feature of Product Blocks in WooCommerce 3.6 will make the creation of feature-rich pages much easier on the website.

While featuring products now on products or pages is no more a rocket-science for retailers, there is now a total of 8 blocks making that possible.

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  • Featured products– to put one high-profile product with a specialised format
  • Best-selling-to display best-selling items in a grid
  • Top-rated products-to display the top-rated items by customers
  • Hand-picked products-to help retailers display their best-picked products
  • Products by category-to display products by any category of choice
  • Newest products–to put the newest in the lot in a grid
  • Products with attributes-to display the products that are marked for their special attributes
  • On Sale products–to put in a separate grid the products that are on sale

Not only the retailers get these new blocks for displaying products, but they can also customise the way products will look for a particular block, mentioning the columns and rows they wanted.

Lastly, the new Product Blocks interface will also let the retailers have previews of how a block will appear after fine-tuning the layout, overlay colours, background opacity, content presentation and so forth.

Advanced Admin Dashboard

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And finally, with WooCommerce 3.6, users i.e the retailers get a rich feature plugin for hassle-free administration of their store. Yes. it’s an extremely advanced dashboard with fresh looks and updated analytics capabilities.

Needless to say, retailers can resort to excellent reporting and analytics to take major sales and marketing decisions with the new admin feature.It grants

  • 14 data pointsthat will help store owners view charted data
  • 12 new reporting variations like product reports, stock report, orders report, revenue reports and so on for better business performance analysis
  • 4 advanced filters (namely numeric filter, country filter, email filter and customer filter)to perforate reporting
  • 4 activity management tools (namely fulfil orders, manage stock, manage inventory and store manage notifications) for persistent management of the store.

So, the customised Dashboard and new Activity Panel will make the tasks of store management as easy as possible for merchants.

Are you a WooCommerce store owner? Get ahead with 3.6!

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With all the elite and new things offered by WooCommerce 3.6 to the eCommerce retailers, we recommend you to get your store upgraded.

But, before you go. Make sure get a hand-picked team of expert WooCommerce developers, who can ensure you with great backup support before proceeding for the update installation.

And if you haven’t got any eCommerce store but thinking to have one, not to worry! PHPProgrammers in-house a trained team for WooCommerce development in Sydney who can get the best website crafted with the latest version of the platform in no time.

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