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If you are planning to migrate your WordPress website into Joomla for receiving the additional benefits and availing a wide range of features, then here is the process that you need to map out.

Creating a new website includes complicating and highly time-intensive process. Previously even the website was created using languages like CSS and HTML. But with passing time people have begun to use various content marketing systems to manage and update websites.

If you are considering making this move, you are not the only person who is wishing for the neo change. Before you take the call, its important for you, that what are the benefits and the process looks like.

Why Joomla?

I will prefer saying it this way that why not Joomla? The functionalities are the most useful, here are a few of Joomla’s unique capabilities:

1. Portals

With Joomla, evolution of many varied portals for both corporate and community-based different applications.  Joomla is highly easy to use and also favourited by non-technical persons.

2. Corporate applications

Be it large or small to medium sized businesses, they all love Joomla, thus among many of the corporate offerings are intranets, portals, websites, extranets, e-commerce, and more. It’s user-friendly, affordable, which is why the services are employed by many corporations, irrespective of the industries.

3. Non-profits

Non-profits organization requires simple, usable and clean websites to facilitate in-house activities, and Joomla pretty well provides easy-to-customize choices, favored highly by the non-profits.

4. Personal usage

Joomla is also much preferred by the Personal website like the academic institutes, as it’s highly customized CMS and doesn’t require any hardcore technical knowledge in order to make the changes.

Understanding the step- by- step process is highly necessary when it comes to making the switch from Word Press to Joomla. Here lies a basic roadmap for your better understanding.

 Hire Joomla Developer

  • Evaluate your site
  • Setting up Joomla
  • Determine the process of migrating
  • Focus on content
  • Create redirects
  • Migrate design and theme
  • Check your data

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