Zend Announces Launch of Its PHP App Platform on the AWS Cloud

Zend recently announced that it has taken all its PHP application platforms, including the likes of Zend Server 7, to be made available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

The PHP Company Zend recently made the announcement that it was making its application platform available as a cloud service on the Amazon Web Services through the help of the AWS Marketplace.

Zend officials said that running PHP on the AWS Cloud, with the backing of one of the largest communities of developers, will allow the professionals to have an advantage on the cloud. The offerings on AWS empower application developers to better develop applications faster, allow continuous deployment, and scale them as per their requirements.

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With Zend being introduced on the AWS, PHP developers can start their application projects very easily. They won’t require any form of capital investment while being able to evolve them into efficient multi-server, multi-team projects with complete automation of all steps involved in the application development cycle. It enables agile application development at scale that helps companies deliver innovations on their projects at a faster rate.

“Businesses today are required to deliver quality applications effectively and efficiently for succeeding and innovating. Much of that developer innovation is now designed to be taking place in the cloud,” said Zend CEO and co-founder, Andi Gutmans, in an official statement. “Zend on AWS has seemingly become a game-changer. This has allowed PHP developers to be successful in the very same place where disruptive innovation is taking place- in the cloud. Our work with Amazon has resulted in the creation of a cloud and mobile-friendly developer ecosystems. This has given developers the much needed ammunition for creating the forward-looking, quality applications that are necessary for the businesses to thrive and survive.”

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The primary solution key to the Zend app platform is the Zend Server 7. Having been released recently, it features a tool called Z-Ray. It provides in-context visibility inside the apps by showing in real time the process involved behind setting up a page. Thus developers can write better codes, fix and detect issues earlier, and have a clear collaboration with operations staff for finding a faster resolution to their production problems. Developers now have a better insight of how well their code runs over the course of the development process. Moreover, they are not required to change their workflow or habits for the same. Thus the issues get resolved before the work is eventually deployed and integrated.

“Z-Ray has been designed as a bar that is injected into the bottom of your page with the purpose of showing a lot of useful information,” was the assessment of a professional developer in his blog post. “All in all, I have fallen in love with this functionality. You can get instant access to all data without having to touch the original source code and this makes for a very useful feature.”

With the Zend Server 7, moreover, development managers can gain from all the reliability and visibility on offer from the release process. They also get a lot of ease with which to scale teams, processes and production environments.

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Terry Hanold, AWS cloud commerce vice-president, said that IT executives will appreciate the breadth of the AWS services. They will also find the availability of a broad application, partner and development ecosystem for Zend on AWS to be extremely useful. Enabling one-click access to an integrated PHP application platform for developers on AWS is good for both AWS and the PHP developers, Hanold went on to say. “Zend Server 7 on AWS Marketplace offers the PHP developers a greater number of tools on which to build scalable and quality applications quickly on the AWS Cloud,” he added.

Zend Server 7 is available on the AWS Marketplace in three different editions: Enterprise, Developer and Professional. The Developer Edition has been designed for building and testing applications with special developer features at an extremely affordable pricing. The Enterprise and Professional Editions have been packaged for production environments, with the highest enterprise-class performance features and service level agreements being provided with the former.

Zend Server 7 is available on as many as fifteen different types of AMI, be it micro-instances or extra-large virtual servers optimized for computing intense workloads, the official release from Zend went on to add.

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