Key Factors That Help Make Yii Framework Beneficial For Your Business

Web-based development using Yii

Development using the Yii Framework, encompassed by the numerous drivers of refined PHP, is governed by the never-ending predilection. A high performance solution developed for the creation of engaging web applications and websites, the Yii PHP Framework is rich in features based on the Web 2.0 services. As a result, it is undoubtedly an advanced configuration with numerous competencies on offer for its users.

The Yii Framework offers a number of additional goodies such as a great facility in handling error, themes for dynamic website application development, and a comprehensive documentation, among others.

Now let us flip through some of the important elements that make development using the Yii Framework second to none.

Yii application development: Why it is perfect for business

Let us discuss about the cutting edge features of this popular PHP Framework that supports an efficient development of websites and web applications.


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The Yii Framework is well known for its speed. The reason why development using it is speedy is that it has a fast loading ability. The development codes are lightweight and have a great amount of optimization.

CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete)

CRUD is an acronym for Create Retrieve Update Delete. This feature of the PHP Framework allows Yii application development to be quicker and easier than otherwise.

Easy to configure

The Yii Framework is not only easy to install but also easy to use. There are a number of videos, books, tutorials, and websites that will provide you a detailed information on how to set it up for development and also how to put it to use for your associated projects.

Highly secured

The Yii Framework was developed with the fact in mind that businesses face numerous threats from hackers and online criminals such as tampering with cookies, CSRF, XSS, and SQL interjections. Thus it provides an excellent security for the application development process using this Framework.

AJAX enabled widgets

The Yii framework has widgets with remarkable functionality built into its development code. They help the Yii developers to come up with excellent user interfaces in their application development projects that feature increased efficacy and usability.

Database Access Objects

Database Access Objects or DAO is an exclusive feature of the Yii Framework. It offers a generic API for accessing data stored in numerous Database Management Systems (DBMS). With the use of this feature, you can change the underlying DBMS to another one without requiring any alteration in code.

Readily available code

The Yii Framework features built-in code generation tools and instantly generates code for a development project. This makes the development process to be seemingly a cakewalk because all that the Yii developers are required to do is paste their required code snippet and the job will be done.

Authorization and Authentication

The Yii Framework has a default login system that allows authorization of users. It also has such features as Validators authorization and deep-seated RBAC authentication. This allows developers to track any form of illicit access while reducing the effort of ensuring validity information which ultimately increases the ease of development tasks.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design pattern

The substantial strength of the Yii development framework lies in the fact that it is modeled around the MVC design pattern of web application development. With the model-view-controller model the total development process becomes very systematic and organized for the associated Yii developer. Moreover, thanks to the separation of concerns, the developers get to enjoy all the flexibilities associated with application development using this Framework.

Rich library extensions

The Yii Framework is essentially a bouquet of extensions including Yii integration, Yii modules, Yii plugins, and Twitter bootstrap extensions, among others. Due to these extensions, integration, plugin, and module of the third-party API handling for Yii becomes very simple to work with.

The Yii PHP Framework is essentially a treasure trove. However, you will be able to exploit this fortune only when you hire Yii developer from PHP Programmers, an experienced and established company.

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